The firm BSVA is able to deal with any aspect of the administrative law, collaborating, inter alia, to the management decisions of public authorities, public administrations and public bodies and giving them consultancy  in the management of personnel, public services, urban planning and construction, procurement and contracts, assignments and permits, health and environment.

The firm assists public law bodies and public corporations supplying public services during both the constitution, modification and management of the company both n the relationships with clients and with other administrations.

The Firm, moreover, follows up the relationships between private individuals and Public Authorities, both through a detailed and accurate assessment and participation in the procedural stage, and through the drafting proveritate opinion.

BSVA prepares and care administrative appeals (proper and improper hierarchical) and judicial; it assists Public Administration Authorities in front of the ordinary and administrative jurisdiction (Regional Administrative Court, Council of State and Independent Authorities).

This department of the Firm assists the companies and corporations, both individually and in the associated forms, for the participation in the public evidence procedure (procurement-concurrence, restricted tendering procedure), as well in the further step of drafting and fulfill any contractual relations.

BSVA, finally assesses possible aspects of liability and compensatory consequences, both for injury of the rights and for the violation of legitimate interests, following up the protection also in the judicial and accountant context.

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