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Who we are

OUR MISSION: BSVA Studio Legale e Tributario’s primary objective is to satisfy the client through agile, valuable, personalised, efficient and resolving services. The firm applies, in the organization and in the performance of its work, a methodology that encourages the growth and updating of professionals, teamwork and streamlining and speed of execution of the work.

ONE TEAM: BSVA is characterized by the strong cohesion and collaborative spirit of the professionals, which have allowed the creation of a unique work team, focused on areas of high specialization. This peculiarity has led to a positive, stimulating and functional working environment; this is appreciated by the clients of the firm with whom we have been establishing relationships over time, characterized by a very long duration, esteem, trust and mutual loyalty.

BE DIFFERENT: BSVA is unique in the legal and fiscal market, combining a young and agile structure with specialist coverage of a wide range of areas;

DO YOUR JOB: BSVA is committed to the strict respect of the skills of individual professionals and constant interaction between the various areas of activity;

HERE WE ARE: For BSVA, accessibility and the guarantee of a direct customer relationship with the partner are primary values.


BSVA Studio Legale Associato - P.IVA 02717250126; BSVA Corporate & Tax - P.IVA 07651780962
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