Criminal Law


The Firm provides legal assistance and advocacy to privates, corporates and institutions in all the area of the criminal law, particularly in the proceedings pertaining to crimes against the assets and the person, financial and corporate crimes, tax crimes, environmental – scenic (landscape) crimes, crimes against the public administration, crimes against the family and against the administration of justice.

The Firm, moreover, has a proven experience in the area of safety at work and it is able to provide assistance and advocacy in the pending proceedings in front of the Juvenile Court and the Military Tribunal for military offenses.

For those persons offended by the crime, the Firm follows up the drafting of complaints, reports – private prosecutions, immediate petitions to the Justice of Peace pursuant art . 21 of Legislative Decree 274/00, and it provides the protections of the same and of the plaintiff in any step of the proceeding against the offender.

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