BSVA law and tax firm consists of lawyers and accountants, was born from the observation of the constant interaction of the legal, fiscal and corporate areas and from the awareness that the correct organization of this interdependence generates an added value for the client, who receives a complete and coordinated service.

Lawyers and Accountants in Milan and Varese

We assist our clients to achieve their objectives, using a tailor-made and efficient method, providing a direct relationship between the client and the partner.

BSVA provides legal assistance to Italian and foreign individuals and companies, multinationals, banks, insurance companies and institutions, providing them with civil, contractual and corporate advice, both day to day and upon extraordinary transactions.

BSVA offers a comprehensive legal advice service in the areas of civil, commercial, corporate, banking, insurance, tax, labour law, sports law, competition law, criminal law, administrative law, IP & IT, litigation, corporate compliance, debt collection, arbitration and ADR. It also deals with the prevention and repression of corruption and illegality in the Public Administration (Law 190/2012), Transparency of Public Administration (Legislative Decree 33/2013).

The accountants of BSVA offer consulting services on tax, corporate, commercial, business administration, corporate govarnance and statutory audit. The Corporate & Tax team’s specifity is the management control that allows the entrepreneur to identify the best strategies and, consequently, to make valid business decisions.

The strategy and sustainability of each business choice is assessed by BSVA in all its aspects and impact on the business: from tax planning to management control.

The approach of the future to family law: not only a matter in its own right, but also on interaction with other legal and tax areas. BSVA offers legal advice and assistance on family law, separation and divorce, prenuptial agreements, civil unions, child protection, adoptions, peoples’ status, trust and succession, interacting with other legal and tax areas and with psychologists and psychotherapists specialized in family law.

Issues of generational transition, family pacts and heritage protection activities are also followed by the family team.

BSVA is characterized internally by the strong cohesion and collaborative spirit of the professionals that have allowed to create a unique work team, focused on areas of high specialization. The lawyers and accountants of the firm have a natural inclination to problem solving and exploit technology for an efficient and innovative use of the profession.

The constant research of training and development is a distinguishing feature, also attested by the presence, among the firm’s professionals, of university lecturers and assistants both in the Legal and Corporate & Tax areas.


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