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Mauro Creatini

Dott. Mauro Creatini
Of Counsel

June 13th, 2019 Posted by Corporate & Tax, team 0 thoughts on “Dott. Mauro Creatini
Of Counsel”
Mauro Creatini

Mauro è Of Counsel di BSVA. Si occupa di consulenza aziendale per operazioni di finanza straordinaria (Fusioni & Acquisizioni, ricerca di investitori istituzionali e private equity, fund raising per start-up) sia a supporto alle funzioni di Direzione e Pianificazione Finanziaria e Strategica.
E’ stato dirigente di primarie banche d’affari nazionali, occupandosi di Private Equity, Fusioni&Acquisizioni e Capital Markets per poi passare alla Direzione Finanza e Pianificazione di gruppi industriali, prevalentemente nei settori medicale ed high-tech, in alcuni casi con nomina nel CdA.

Si è laureato con lode all’Università Luigi Bocconi di Milano nel 1990.

Mauro parla fluentemente in inglese e francese.

Avv. Monica Zancan
Of Counsel

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Of Counsel”

Monica earned her law degree from the University of Milan and has practiced as an attorney since 1997. She has practiced with firms operating in international networks and, in particular, the KPMG Network, for which she was partner and consultant [until 2016]. Since 2013, she has collaborated with BSVA.

Monica is specialized in anti-money laundering laws and regulations [and advises clients on prevention measures]. She advises various types of clients, inclulding through participation in consultation processes at the national and international levels. She is a consultant and member of the Anti-Money Laundering Research Group of Assirevi (Associazione Italiana Revisori Contabili – Italian Association of Certified Auditors). In the compliance area, Monica has also handled several matters concerning privacy, anti-corruption, administrative liability of entities, regulatory oversight of the insurance sector.

Monica has extensive experience in contractual matters, with particular reference to international contracts, in the context of extraordinary transactions (acquisitions, due diligence) and day-to-day business operations, with a particular focus on intellectual property law.

She has expertise not only in the above-mentioned specialties, but also in traditional areas such as providing support in the context of litigation, particularing in matters involving international issues pertaining to intellectual property.

Monica is a Professor of Contracts (since academic year 2009/2010), International Business Law (Second Part), MIBE (Master in International Business and Entrepreneurship), Economics Department, University of Pavia.

She has been guest speaker at conferences on corporate law and acquisitions, in Italy and France, and at training courses on anti-money laundering, [also in collaboration with professional guilds and associations]; she hass directed, as scientific director, the preparation of e-learning curses on anti-money lauondering and anti-terrorism.

Monica is fluent in English and French; she also speaks conversational Spanish.


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