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Avv. Francesco Senaldi

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Francesco Senaldi, practicing attorney since 1991 and has been admitted before the Supreme Court of Cassation since 2003, is a founding partner and the managing partner of BSVA.

Francesco’s practice focuses principally on civil litigation, commercial, tax and bankruptcy matters in which areas he has extensive experience, with particular expertise in litigation. In these areas, he represents corporate clients, as well as individuals and public institutions.

In the past, he was an advisor to the undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Finance, has served in judicial roles under a mandate granted by the Superior Council of the Judiciary and is enrolled in the list of accredited attorneys at the British Consulate General of Milan.

Francesco has been a practicing attorney since 1991, and has been admitted before the Supreme Court of Cassation Bar since 2006.

Francesco is fluent in English.

Avv. Alessandro Bellofiore Briottone

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Alessandro, a founding parter of BSVA, advises corporate clients and individuals in the following areas: contracts, M&A, innovative start-ups, management of financial crises, with particular reference to restructurings and compositions with creditors, commercial and corporate litigation, national and international arbitration. He also advises primary Milan-based law firms in connection with in-court and out-of-court litigation matters.

Alessandro’s clients’ main business sectors are logistics, road and rail transport, real estate, franchising in fashion and restaurant sectors, energy and alternative energy sources.

He has authored articles on antitrust and e-commerce and has collaborated, as expert advisor, with the Il Sole 24 Ore group.

After earning his high school diploma at the Alessandro Manzoni Classical High School of Milan, he earned his law degree with honors from the University of Parma in 1991. He has been a practicing attorney since 1996, and has been admitted before the Supreme Court of Cassation Bar since 2010.

Alessandro is fluent in English.

Avv. Alessandra Pandarese

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Alessandra Pandarese is a partner at BSVA Studio Legale Associato. Her career progression developed abroad and at the family law firm, where she was partner until 2009. Prior to BSVA Studio Legale Associato, she was partner at Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato in Milan.

Alessandra is known for her in-depth knowledge in sport law and sport events management. She has gained extensive experience in the organization and implementation of international sporting events over a period of almost thirty years, (she has been General Counsel of teams and organizing bodies for the America’s Cup and other various events since 1989. She is currently General Counsel within the organizing body for the America’s Cup 2021). Her experience includes the management of institutional issues (relationship with event organizers, procedural, regulatory and disciplinary issues), as well as legal and commercial issues (contracts for athletes and teams, sponsorship and merchandising contracts, television and new media rights, licenses and trademark protection, sports regulations and related litigation).

Alessandra also assists national and international companies, in the field of commercial law and contracts, and assists insurance companies in the sector of the surety policies. She has worked extensively abroad (USA, New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, France and the United Arab Emirates), where she has honed her knowledge in the area of European Law, International Private Law and International Contracts.

She is a member of the Milan Bar Association since 1991 and is authorised to practice before the Italian Supreme Court since 2005.

She is a member of the Collegio di Garanzia C.O.N.I. and is a guest speaker at conferences on sport law.

Alessandra is native Italian and has a perfect command of English and French.

Avv. Giovannina Ventura

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Giovanna has been a partner of BSVA since 2010 and her practice focuses principally on the areas labor law and social security, procurement and litigation.

She collaborates with the University of Bergamo, as Researcher on Labor Law Matters, Teaching Area, Law Faculty, Prof. Anna Maria Minervini.

In the past, she collaborated with Avv. Prof. M. Rubino – Sammartano of Milan, gaining specialized experience in arbitration and private tendering. She is editor of the legal publication Il Foro Padano. She is also the author of comments on judgments as well as numerous editorial notes.

She earned her law degree at the University of Genoa in 1992 and in 2000 passed the Bar Exams in Milan, becoming officially qualified to practice law.


Events and Publications


  • Nel 2015 ha partecipato al Master organizzato da Altalex Formazione “Diritto del lavoro e della previdenza sociale”
  • Distrazione delle spese e processo esecutivo, Foro Pad. 1998, parte I
  • Nota a Trib. Milano 27 novembre 1995, Foro Pad. 1997, parte I
  • Domanda riconvenzionale ed eccezione di incompetenza per territorio: suo mutamento ex art. 36 c.p.c., Foro Pad. 1997, parte I
  • Collaborazione alla stesura del libro dell’Avv. Prof. M. Rubino-Sammartano, Appalto di opere e contratti di servizi (in diritto privato), Cedam 1996

Avv. Monica Zancan
Of Counsel

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Of Counsel”

Monica earned her law degree from the University of Milan and has practiced as an attorney since 1997. She has practiced with firms operating in international networks and, in particular, the KPMG Network, for which she was partner and consultant [until 2016]. Since 2013, she has collaborated with BSVA.

Monica is specialized in anti-money laundering laws and regulations [and advises clients on prevention measures]. She advises various types of clients, inclulding through participation in consultation processes at the national and international levels. She is a consultant and member of the Anti-Money Laundering Research Group of Assirevi (Associazione Italiana Revisori Contabili – Italian Association of Certified Auditors). In the compliance area, Monica has also handled several matters concerning privacy, anti-corruption, administrative liability of entities, regulatory oversight of the insurance sector.

Monica has extensive experience in contractual matters, with particular reference to international contracts, in the context of extraordinary transactions (acquisitions, due diligence) and day-to-day business operations, with a particular focus on intellectual property law.

She has expertise not only in the above-mentioned specialties, but also in traditional areas such as providing support in the context of litigation, particularing in matters involving international issues pertaining to intellectual property.

Monica is a Professor of Contracts (since academic year 2009/2010), International Business Law (Second Part), MIBE (Master in International Business and Entrepreneurship), Economics Department, University of Pavia.

She has been guest speaker at conferences on corporate law and acquisitions, in Italy and France, and at training courses on anti-money laundering, [also in collaboration with professional guilds and associations]; she hass directed, as scientific director, the preparation of e-learning curses on anti-money lauondering and anti-terrorism.

Monica is fluent in English and French; she also speaks conversational Spanish.


Events and Publications


Avv. Mario Albero

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Mario Albero is an associate at BSVA studio legale associato. His practice mainly focuses on sport law and on civil and commercial litigation.

Mario’s expertise encompasses national and international litigation and arbitration proceedings. He assists clients both in court and also in the management of conflict and disputes in the pre-litigation phase. Before joining BSVA, Mario worked as trainee lawyer and, then, as an associate in the Milan offices of leading national and international law firm.

Mario is an assistant professor since 2014 of private law at the University of Piemonte Orientale.

Mario obtained his law degree in 2012 from the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan (110/110 cum laude), with studies full financed by performance-based scholarships, and was admitted to the Milan Bar in 2016. He spent a period of study abroad (USA- Sandra O’Connor College of Law, Phoenix, Arizona) and is registered in the National Register of Excellence established by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Mario has a perfect command of English in addition to his native Italian.

Avv. Silvia Cerri

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Silvia regularly assists Italian and foreign clients, providing legal advice on civil, corporate and commercial law matters.

She has an extensive expertise in M&A and extrajudicial matters, dealing with the negotiation, drafting and review of a broad range of contracts, and she assists national and international companies with general company issues. She advises also both on litigation and ADR matters.

Silvia is member of the Firm since 2018. Before joining BSVA, she worked for an Italian law firm in Milan.

She earned her law degree from the Catholic University of Milan with specialization in International Law and drafting of the final dissertation in Public Comparative law, and has been admitted to the Milan Bar.

She speaks English fluently.

Avv. Alessandro Eminente

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After graduating in civil law from the University of Milan with a thesis on sports sponsorship agreements, he took a master’s degree in “Sports Management” where he studied sports law issues and the legal framework of sports, sports marketing and communication, the organisation and management of sports events and sports facilities, sponsoring and licensing-merchandising, specialising in sports law and sports applied law.

Alessandro also has substantial experience in contracts and litigation as well as in bankruptcy, commercial and insurance law, with particular regard to disputes concerning insurance law and insurance-financial products (unit and index linked policies, linked to the performance of indices and funds) and surety insurance policies.

Alessandro assists clients both in judicial and out-of-court matters, in the management of the pre-litigation phase with particular attention to dispute settlement.

Alessandro is a member of the Order of Lawyers of Milan; before joining BSVA, he carried out his activity and gained significant experience in a historical and primary Italian law firm.

From 2008 to 2013 Alessandro was a tutor for a specialised course which also featured a series of workshops. The course entitled: “Sports Law and Sports Justice”,  was launched and managed by the Faculty of Law at the University of Milan.

Alessandro has an excellent command of English.


Dr. Martina Cacciatore
Trainee lawyer

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Trainee lawyer”

Martina, in qualità di praticante avvocato, svolge la propria attività prevalentemente nell’ambito del diritto societario e commerciale, diritto bancario e finanziario.

Martina è membro dello Studio dal 2019. Prima di entrare a far parte di BSVA, ha svolto la pratica forense presso uno studio associato italiano con sede a Milano e Torino e ha svolto diverse “work experiences” presso uno studio legale con base a Londra.

Si è laureata in giurisprudenza nel 2016 presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano (110/100 cum laude) ed è iscritta nel registro dei praticanti abilitati di Milano.

Parla e scrive fluentemente in inglese.

Avv. Edoardo Canali

Dott. Edoardo Canali

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Avv. Edoardo Canali

Edoardo, as a Trainee lawyer, deals mostly with civil litigation, insurance law, commercial and corporate law, sport law, collaborating alongside Partners assisting national and international companies.

He spent several periods studying abroad, in Netherlands and United States, experiences that gave him the opportunity to develop and increase his professional legal skills.

Edoardo joined the law firm in March 2019, after graduating from Università degli Studi di Milano, with a thesis in international investment law.

He is enrolled in the Register of Trainee Lawyers of Milan.

Edoardo is fluent in English


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