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Avv. Alessandra Pandarese
Alessandra Pandarese
Partner - Attorney


Alessandra is a partner of BSVA Studio Legale Associato, with solid training abroad. She started her career in her family law firm, of which she was a partner until 2009. Before BSVA, she was a partner of Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato in Milan for 9 years.

Alessandra is known for her expertise in sports law and in the organization of sporting events. She has gained solid experience in international sporting competitions by participating and performing various roles in sporting events over a period of more than thirty years (she has been General Counsel of teams and organizing bodies of the America’s Cup and other events since 1989 and recently General Counsel in the context of the America’s Cup 2021). She has developed extensive expertise related to the organization and management of successful events, with particular reference to issues of an institutional nature (relationships with the organizing bodies, procedural, regulatory and disciplinary aspects) and issues of a legal and commercial nature (sector contracts, contracts of athletes and teams, sponsorship and merchandising agreements, television and new media rights, licensing and trademark protection, including sporting regulations and related litigation).

Alessandra also regularly assists national and international companies, in the field of commercial law and contracts and insurance companies in the surety sector. He worked for periods abroad (USA, New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, France and the United Arab Emirates) where she refined his experience in the field of EU law, private international law and international contracts. She has been a member of the Milan Bar Association since 1991 and has been authorized to practice before the Court of Cassation since 2005.

She is a member of the Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport C.O.N.I. and is a speaker at conferences on sports law.

Foreign languages ​​English and French.

Areas of practice
National and international litigation and arbitration
Corporate Compliance & Corporate Liability
Insurance Law
Sport’s Law
Corporate and Commercial Law
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