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Avv. Maria Antonietta Izzo
Maria Antonietta Izzo
Equity Partner - Attorney


In 2019, Maria Antonietta, along with her colleague and friend Teresa Devercelli, added to BSVA’s expertise with her thirty year experience in the protection of individual and family rights. The style adopted in her Family Law department is modelled on and reflective of her personality: dynamic, welcoming, empathetic and competent.

In BSVA, Maria Antonietta (known as Antonella) leads her “brigade” (as she refers to her team of professionals), which operates with a high level of specialization in the areas of family, minors and inheritance law.

Antonella is particularly attentive to “new frontiers” in Family Law. She writes as a columnist for the main national newspapers and actively contributes and publishes in the law sector.

She takes part and organizes national and international conferences in her particular areas of research.

Areas of practice
Family Law
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