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Avv. Alice Lambicchi
Alice Lambicchi
Associate - Attorney
Aree di Attività
  • Contenzioso e arbitrato nazionale ed internazionale
  • Diritto Societario e Commerciale
  • Fusioni e Acquisizioni – Private Equity
  • Proprietà Intellettuale


Alice graduated with top honors in 2020 from the University of Milan, presenting a thesis in criminal law on “Artificial Intelligence and Criminal Liability.”

After graduation, she simultaneously engaged undertook the legal practice and completed her training under Article 73 of Legislative Decree 69/2013 at the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Milan Court. Here, she gained experience in criminal practice and investigative activities.

Since 2022, Alice has been a member of the Milan Bar Association. She holds a master’s degree in new technologies law and digital transformation and has completed a specialization course in compliance and Legislative Decree 231/2001.

In recent years, she has also collaborated with online legal journals, publishing articles on criminal law.

Alice has been working with the Criminal Department of the BSVA Associated Law Firm since the end of 2023, engaging in both judicial and extrajudicial activities.

Alice speaks and writes English fluently.

Areas of practice
Corporate Criminal Law and Compliance
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